Why choosing Italgreen Landscape
synthetic turf for play grounds?

  • Thanks to the natural colors and materials, it is difficult to distinguish it from a real lawn at the touch and at the sight;
  • Not slippery, non-toxic and anti-shock (absorbs falls);
  • Fresh in summer and clean in winter, livable 365 days a year, kids will be able to play without getting dirty
  • 100% Italian product, guaranteed for years
  • Saves your time: the synthetic turf does not need to be cut, watered and cared for;
  • Saves your money: no irrigation systems, no tools, no gardener.



Shockproof flooring with synthetic turf.
Play in complete safety with guaranteed and certified products.

Italgreen Landscape® develops specific solutions for playgrounds, schools, kindergartens and for all contexts in which it is necessary to install an anti-shock and draining surface.

prato sintetico shock pad
superficie anti shock e drenante

Benefits of Shock Pads

  • - Shock pads with synthetic grass meets the requirements of HIC (Head Injury Criterion) test. See Infographics aside.
  • - They are intended for installation in playgrounds, schools and on all surfaces that need an excellent level of shock absorption.
  • - Ecological and recyclable.
  • - Easy to place thanks to the practical puzzle surface.
  • - Totally draining.
  • - Guaranteed and certified by the most authoritative institutions.
erba sintetica per parchi giochi

The synthetic turf to make play areas safe

The synthetic turf for playgrounds designed by Italgreen Landscape is the ideal solution for all those who want to transform an outdoor space, for example a concrete courtyard or a neglected lawn full of dangers (scrubbing herbs, poisonous plants, animals) into a safe and fun place to let the little ones play in complete safety.

The synthetic turf for playground, soft and shockproof, is perfect for children.

More and more municipal administrations are choosing to use a synthetic turf lawn for street furniture both to keep roundabouts tidy and for public playgrounds.

It is a decision dictated by:

  • Aesthetic factors. The synthetic lawns are always green, and improve neglected areas where there is no public green.

  • Economic factors. In the long run, a lawn with synthetic turf proves to be an investment that allows a considerable amortization of costs, if we consider the cut in maintenance and intervention costs of gardeners.

  • Safety factors. Cities are experienced not only by adults but also by children who love to spend their free time outdoors in the play areas of preschools and public parks.

Synthetic turf for play areas in kindergartens and schools

By choosing an Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf, the garden of a kindergarten becomes the place where children can spend most of their time playing in complete safety, especially when the warm season arrives.

Even when the winter season arrives, with frequent rains, children often want to spend time outdoors. Also in this case the choice of a synthetic lawn offers considerable advantages: the use of artificial turf allows to reduce the problems due to the presence of mud and allows you to have a perfect and tidy garden even in the coldest season without need of expensive maintenance.

Besides, Italgreen Landscape shock pads with synthetic grass are able to cushion the blows from any fall height, and and are guaranteed by major national and international bodies.

Thanks to our synthetic lawns we avoid that the gardens and natural lawns of the structures for early childhood and schools got filled with mud and often become impractical. Obviously, especially in places frequented by minors, it is necessary to have anti-shock play areas with a synthetic lawn and it is precisely for this reason that we offer only the highest quality materials.

Thanks to the fiber of the materials used, the synthetic turf used by Italgreen Landscape for school structures is not slippery and does not cause abrasions.

The synthetic turf for public parks

The artificial turf created by Italgreen Landscape respects the strict European standards as it uses safe products completely made in Italy. In fact, there are minimum safety requirements for each type of play surface for children, especially to mitigate the impact of a fall.

Our synthetic turf is therefore equipped with a series of characteristics that make it a perfect flooring for playgrounds and public green areas: it resists wear and tear throughout the year, has a natural appearance, is thick and luxuriant and avoid getting dirty with earth and grass.

It can be cleaned with a splash of water, withstands continuous foot traffic even from bicycles and can support the weight of swings and games without breaking.

Italgreen Landscape also takes care of the installation of synthetic turf using specialized personnel, so that the result is perfect and lasting. With synthetic turf you can cover any square footage: we recommend the 16mm height carpet and the 25mm Dreamy Natural Look for an impeccable green.


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