Synthetic turf installation

Create your corner of paradise by relying on the professionalism of Italgreen Landscape authorized technicians to obtain a perfect result.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and have good manuality, use our complete kit for installing synthetic turf.

With the help of our video tutorials you can transform your garden into a perfect and evergreen garden in a few simple steps and forget about periodic maintenance forever.


Transform the garden with synthetic turf

The positive aspects of an artificial turf garden

A fantastic advantage of artificial turf is the fact of having an aesthetically beautiful lawn that is always tidy in all seasons, without the need for maintenance or irrigation.

In fact it is a product that does not fade over time, maintaining its original color, grass green.

Its main feature is its excellent resistance to the devastating action of any type of weather condition and in particular to the aggression of the sun and bad weather even in particular climatic areas, such as the sea and high mountains.

Another point in its favor is given by the fact that it makes the environment more harmonious, so much so that it can transform your outdoor environment into a Zen garden.

Synthetic turf an advantage for allergy sufferers

When the warm season arrives, having a completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic garden is the best choice for people more prone to allergic reactions.

By choosing Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf, the whole family can finally enjoy a safe garden without problems in all seasons.

Furthermore, the synthetic grass lawn discourages the emergence of insect colonies and limits the annoying problem of their bites.

Artificial turf is for the whole family

The artificial turf is soft to the touch, therefore it is ideal for families with children as it is safe and reliable.

Being anti-shock, the risk of getting injured by falling on the Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf is not existent. Even pets can enjoy the garden and play on a tear and bite resistant turf.

What is more, it generates a pleasant sensation under foot traffic that allows a deeper contact with nature, making it perfect for meditation and yoga.

Your new synthetic lawn is ready to give you lots of relaxation and fun.

So what are you waiting for?

Discover the laying phases of the synthetic turf

Video Tutorials

Soil preparation

First you need to prepare the surface that will host your new synthetic lawn

The installation of the synthetic turf

The second step consists in the actual unroll of the synthetic turf over the entire surface to be covered

The infill and brushing

Now that your synthetic lawn is installed and fixed to the ground, you are only a couple of steps to the end

Complete transformation!

Your new synthetic turf is ready to give you lots of relaxation and fun. So what are you waiting for?


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