Why choose the Italgreen Landscape
artificial turf for terrace and poolsides?

  • Thanks to the natural colors and materials, to the touch and sight it is difficult to distinguish it from a real lawn;
  • Fresh in summer and clean in winter, livable 365 days a year;
  • It lasts for years and resists atmospheric agents;
  • Sturdy and natural, it resists pets that bite it;
  • It saves money and time;
  • Resistant to chlorinated water without deterioration over time.
The synthetic turf on the balcony transforms your terrace into a natural-looking garden

Synthetic lawn on terrace, poolsides and outdoor areas

With the terrace artificial lawn, you no longer need to envy your neighbor's garden! How many of us dream of a garden where to play with their children? Where to relax on sunny days and where to organize parties with friends?

The synthetic lawn on the terrace is always lush, soft and natural looking.

With this fashionable and design solution, even those who live in the city and do not have the possibility of having a garden can give new life to an outdoor space that is little used and often neglected.

Those who enjoy large outdoor spaces can customize them with exclusive solutions thanks to the synthetic grass without having to give up swimming pools, flower beds or ornamental plants.

In fact, the high quality of our synthetic grass guarantees its use on terraces, roofs and is also suitable for the poolside.

Synthetic turf for the whole family

With synthetic turf it takes very little, thanks to a simple and quick installation, transforming your concrete terrace into a green oasis in the middle of the city is possible.

What about maintenance? The synthetic lawn on a terrace does not need any care: do not cut or water. With decorative synthetic turf, your new green space is immediately ready to be walked on and remains perfect for years.

Our synthetic turf surfaces are also suitable for families with children and pets. In fact, our products are non-toxic, resistant to tearing and biting. The time you save in the care of the terrace, you can use it to have fun and relax in your new synthetic lawn!

The models of artificial terrace turf

The Italgreen Landscape artificial turf, completely "Made in Italy", is suitable for covering any size.

Italgreen Landscape offers different models of artificial turf. The Dreamy Natural Look model that reproduces the growth phases of the filaments of grass of natural lawns in a synthetic lawn and the Fine Soft Touch model with an incredible soft touch effect with which you can recreate a real design garden even on the balcony of home.

Also perfect for covering the roofs of buildings, the synthetic lawn for terrace helps to give buildings a neat appearance, giving the buildings an elegant and neat appearance in line with the latest green design trends!

Synthetic turf for poolsides

For those who love to fully live the garden of their house, and has already chosen to enrich it with a swimming pool, the artificial turf is a fantastic solution to give an even more exclusive touch and to turn the garden into a true oasis in which to relax with friends on hot summer days.

In fact, having a pool does not necessarily mean giving up the lawn of your house in favour of tiles and flooring with little or no personality. The synthetic turf by Italgreen Landscape is soft, has a high drainage capacity, it is not damaged in contact with chlorine, is resistant to frequent foot traffic and is perfect for placing furniture thanks to the elastic memory of the wire it is made of.

Whether it’s a poolside or a terrace, artificial turf is an extremely versatile solution that can adapt to any need.

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