The infill of synthetic green carpets

Once the synthetic turf has been installed and well fixed to the ground, you can proceed with the last steps of installing the artificial turf garden, the infill and brushing of the new artificial turf lawn.

To have an optimal and longer lasting work, it is preferable to distribute the infill sand evenly and without creating heaps, with the help of a shovel.

The sand, thanks to its weight, will give greater stability and protection to the installed synthetic turf.

This technique will give synthetic green carpets a long and lasting life that will allow adults and children to enjoy many special moments outdoors in the company of friends and pets.


Infill and brushing of the synthetic carpet

The brushing of synthetic turf

To finish the work of laying the synthetic turf, it is good practice to brush the synthetic carpet with a big brush until no more sand is visible on the surface.

The purpose of this activity is to make the sand penetrate inside the synthetic turf and facilitate its correct distribution in order to help the filaments of grass to stay straight.

Italgreen Landscape strongly recommends completing this last step especially if you had chosen "height pile" synthetic turf, in order to ensure the safest and most efficient service of the carpet.

At this point the work is completed: now it's time to organize some outdoor parties to celebrate and have fun with the whole family and your dear four-legged friends on the new soft and anti-allergic synthetic lawn.

N.b.: Italgreen Landscape synthetic turfs are also designed not to be infilled, however it is always advisable to add infill sand to give stability to the carpet and keep the pile standing up over time.

Discover the laying phases of the synthetic turf

Video Tutorials

Soil preparation

First you need to prepare the surface that will host your new synthetic lawn

The installation of the synthetic turf

The second step consists in the actual unroll of the synthetic turf over the entire surface to be covered

The infill and brushing

Now that your synthetic lawn is installed and fixed to the ground, you are only a couple of steps to the end

Complete transformation!

Your new synthetic turf is ready to give you lots of relaxation and fun. So what are you waiting for?


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