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Synthetic Turf for Private Gardens,
Public Areas, Play Areas, Hotels and Restaurants

Since 1983, synthetic turf has grown here, in the historic Villa d’Adda plant where, for 30 years, the "made in Italy" synthetic turf carpet has been "woven". Today, thanks to constant research and continuous technological innovation, Italgreen is one of the most important companies in the artificial turf sector.

In 30 years only one thing remains unchanged: the desire to experiment and propose innovative products; a winning philosophy, designed to face the future with solutions that are always at the forefront. Our constant research has produced two types of synthetic turf surfaces that are unique on the market: Fine Soft Touch, the synthetic garden grass which is as soft as the natural grass, and Dreamy Natural Look, the perfect synthetic turf like in nature.

To support its philosophy, Italgreen operates through a complete organization that has been working on an ISO 9001 base since year 2000, based on "customer satisfaction", with continuous checks on materials and workmanship guaranteed by the most recent sector certifications on new products for the production of synthetic turf.

From the orientation of the customer towards the most suitable product, up to the order receiving, and from the adaptation of the executive design, up to the delivery of the product and the laying of synthetic turf, Italgreen complies with the needs of the customer in all its aspects and proposes « ad hoc » solutions which leads to total satisfaction.

As producers of synthetic turf we collaborate with numerous Italian and foreign partners that deal with street furniture, private gardens and play areas.

Synthetic grass for the home garden

The synthetic turf is the perfect solution, especially for large sizes: as beautiful as the natural one but more comfortable, practical and always perfect without any effort.

Having a house with a garden is a big luck and an achievement that you can be proud of. The only problem is that the garden requires constant care, especially if you love the beautiful lawn.

Synthetic turf for gardens is also ideal for pets


Ideal for pets

The synthetic turf is an excellent solution even if you have dogs or cats, used to having access to the garden.


Unlimited fun

Synthetic outdoor carpets do not limit the enjoyment of pets thanks to their resistance and elastic memory.



Good quality synthetic turf, such as that proposed by Italgreen Landscape, is tearproof. The four-legged friends can run around as they want in the garden, without the danger of ruining the turf.



The synthetic turf is washable. In the event that any accident occurs with the synthetic turf and there is a need to wash and sanitize it, it can be done in complete safety, because it does not discolour or deteriorate.

What is the difference between a natural garden
and a synthetic garden?

  • Visually, there is no difference between a real grass lawn and an artificial grass lawn made with the help of a synthetic green carpet.
  • Artificial turf is beautiful, light and soft like natural grass.
  • The choice of a synthetic lawn brings only advantages and benefits. For example, you can enjoy your lawn from the very first sunny spring days, without having to wait for the grass to grow, reach an adequate length and can finally be cut and trimmed for an impeccable aesthetic impact.
  • With artificial turf, the lawn will be perfect and lush until late autumn and will not be ruined, as happens with natural grass, in the first rains, becoming ugly, bare, mortifying the beauty of the exterior.

From synthetic lawns for gardens to artificial turf for interiors and companies

The production of synthetic turf for private gardens and public areas was born here, in the historic Italgreen plant in Via Molinetto in Villa d’Adda: the first synthetic turf surfaces were produced here, and the history of the sector was made here.

The new headquarters in Via Crusnigo extends over 12,000 square meters entirely dedicated to football. Offices, research laboratories and cutting-edge machinery for a unique production capacity. In the new premises marked by logistical functionality and innovative and captivating architectural design, there are rooms for conferences and corporate events such as Customers and Open days. The new headquarters also offers a splendid showroom, a laboratory for pre-testing new materials, a warehouse and finally a guesthouse apartments, where to welcome and host customers who want to see by themselves where our dedicated products to private gardens and public areas are created.

The synthetic turf for children

The great experience acquired in the sector over the years has allowed our company to offer synthetic turf solutions in various sectors: from synthetic lawn for playgrounds, perfect for children thanks to its anti-shock characteristics, to artificial grass flooring to make unique stands and locations for events.

The logistics warehouse in Via delle Brughiere is a new detached sector of approximately 16,000 square meters in which Italgreen has invested in terms of logistics for storage and transport but also in terms of energy savings; in fact, today's contingency requires special attention on environmental issues to which Italgreen pays particular attention, both in real estate and in sales products.


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