Why choosing Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf
for urban furniture?

  • It does not need maintenance;
  • Saves money: no irrigation systems and no gardener;
  • The investment can be recovered in a few months;
  • It is a Made in Italy product;
  • Allows you to create green areas where they did not exist;
  • Green all year round: resists discoloration due to UV rays and corrosive substances;
  • Elastic and flexible, it resists the continuous passage of pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, cars.
tappeto erba sintetica

Who wouldn't like to live in a greener, cleaner and tidier city?

Today, with the decorative synthetic turf of Italgreen Landscape you can bring nature to the streets of the town, improve urban spaces and, why not, on the occasion of a special event, transform the city squares into a green area where you can walk and have fun.

Sturdy, luxuriant 365 days a year and immediately ready for use, synthetic turf for urban furniture allows, in a few days, to give a new face to roundabouts, traffic dividers, sidewalks, pedestrian areas, embankments, car parks, flower beds and all those transit areas that often appear neglected.

Save money with synthetic turf

The installation of synthetic turf surfaces for urban areas brings numerous advantages both in economic and maintenance terms.

Resistant and suitable for all uses, synthetic turf for urban furniture is made to withstand foot traffic, the continuous passage of bicycles, mopeds and cars.

Unlike a real lawn that needs an irrigation system and to be cut every two weeks, with the synthetic lawn you don't cut, you don't water and you don't waste money.

No irrigation system, no gardener and, above all, no maintenance costs to keep the urban greenery tidy, beautiful and clean.

Artificial turf is draining and non-discoloring so you can create new recreational spaces where they didn't exist. For municipal playgrounds, municipal administrations often choose our solution.

Municipal administrations can also choose synthetic turf to make municipal play areas safer. By choosing our dedicated solutions, guaranteed and certified by the most relevant Italian and international bodies, the blows due to the falls of children are amortized thanks to the anti-trauma and draining surface.

The synthetic turf made in Italy for your city

In addition, Italgreen is the only synthetic turf manufacturer to carry out each production phase internally: this means being able to count on a guaranteed 100% Made in Italy product, continuous assistance and tailor-made solutions.

There are many applications of synthetic turf for urban areas! Discover the reasons to make a neighborhood greener with Italgreen Landscape.

Ask for a non-binding inspection of one of our technicians to find the solution that best suits your needs, and delight in creating new green areas appreciated by every citizen.


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