Why choosing Italgreen Landscape
synthetic turf for gardens?

  • Thanks to the natural colors and materials, it is difficult to distinguish it from a real lawn at the touch and at the sight;
  • Fresh in summer and clean in winter, livable 365 days a year;
  • Synthetic turf for the gardens lasts for years: it resists to atmospheric agents;
  • Not slippery, non-toxic and anti-shock (absorbs falls);
  • Sturdy and natural, it resists to pets that bite it;
  • Saves your time: the synthetic turf does not need to be cut, watered and cared for;
  • Saves your money: no irrigation systems, no tools, no gardener.
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With our synthetic turf lawn, your home garden
will always be green and tidy 365 days a year

Choose synthetic turf for your home lawn

A synthetic turf lawn is always luxuriant, thick and well-kept. This is why the number of people choosing synthetic turf for private gardens is increasing, to better enjoy any outdoor space in the house.

We all would like to have a perfect garden to enjoy the outdoors with our friends, family and pets. Often, however, the limited time available and the maintenance costs lead us to neglect lawns and courtyards and, consequently, to give up the fun in our outdoor green areas.

Synthetic turf lawns for gardens: a safe choice even for children

Our synthetic turf garden is as soft as natural one, and has the same visual and functional impact. Those with children know how much they love to play, run and have fun outdoors.
In these cases, artificial grass is ideal: it can be walked on, it does not get damaged, it softens any falls of the little ones and allows them to enjoy a turf that is always clean, hygienic and anti-allergic.

In fact, there are many childrens who suffer from allergies to plants or grass, especially when they have just been cut. By choosing the artificial turf solution, you can avoid these problems without depriving the little ones of a green lawn on which having fun.

The non-toxic and resistant synthetic garden lawn for your pets

Whether it is a real lawn, flower beds, gazebos or pool edges, the synthetic turf lawn for garden is perfect for transforming, in a few minutes, unused outdoor spaces into pleasant relaxation or fun areas available to all members of the family.

Italgreen Landscape has studied the different types of natural grass for the garden to replicate them in the most natural way possible in its synthetic turf surfaces: from the model of the Fine Soft Touch artificial turf, with an incredible softness to the touch, to the three shades of color and heights of the Dreamy Natural Look synthetic turf, which perfectly reproduces the growth effect of a natural grass.

Do you have pets? Italgreen Landscape has also thought about this! Tested in the Italgreen laboratories, the artificial decorative turf is also suitable for your pets because it does not suffer any discoloration due to the droppings of your animals, it is totally non-toxic and resistant to tearing in the event of a bite.

Synthetic turf and garden maintenance

Synthetic turf carpets do not require any maintenance: no more time wasted cutting and trimming the grass, no more whole afternoons tearing up yellowed filaments of grass or weeds, no more rotten grass smell after a strong period rain. Once installed, the synthetic turf lawn remains perfect without need for intervention.

Artificial turf lawns, if desired, can be wet, washed and sanitized with specific detergents, such as Clean Garden. A considerable saving of time and money, especially if you are used to get to professional gardeners in order to have the lawn fixed in a perfect way.

Choosing Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf lawn for private gardens means choosing a certified, safe and "Made in Italy" product.


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