Synthetic Turf: Frequently Asked Questions

a) Grass does not grow! In situations of low exposure to the sun, in the presence of moss or weeds;

b) You don't have the time! With today's frenetic pace, the few free moments cannot be dedicated to the garden;

c) You want a modern and definitive solution! Are you tired of spending time and money on a natural lawn that needs more and more attention and you want the tranquility of a perfect garden 365 days a year.

Our synthetic grass is completely draining and with a suitable substrate to solve any water stagnation problem.
The needs of your pets do not damage the color of the grass in the least, and it is also tear resistant so that they cannot eat it. For optimal hygiene, you can request Clean Garden a kit for cleaning and sanitizing the synthetic turf.
Absolutely not! Tested by the Toy Institute, Italgreen synthetic turf in addition to being made of completely non-toxic material, also gives softness and it’s anti-shock in case of falls.
Synthetic turf can last for many years, normally is the time in which the aesthetics of the carpet begins to suffer from the attack of the sun's UV rays.
If it is an area in contact with the rain that is enough to give a quick wash, in the case of leaves or dirt it can be cleaned with a carpet cleaner or blower, you cannot damage the synthetic turf in any way.
You have to calculate the meters of your garden and check the accessories you need. If you want the installation service made by us, one of our technicians will take care of the inspection to check the exact meters.
You can choose between these two types of synthetic turf:
  • Dreamy Natural Look, that reproduces in a synthetic lawn the dynamism, naturalness and growth phases of the filaments of grass of real lawns ; available in these four heights: 16 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm.
  • Fine Soft Touch that reproduces the softness and naturalness of a luxuriant natural lawn.
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