The installation of the artificial turf rolls

At this stage, the actual installation of the synthetic turf on the area of interest can start. The procedure is simple and consists of the following steps.

First, the Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf rolls must be unrolled on the previously prepared surface in the pre-established order: it is essential to be careful to position the synthetic turf rolls in the same direction and following the same direction as the "flattened" pile.

It is essential to make sure, before proceeding with the installation of artificial turf, that you have shaped the synthetic grass turf as precisely as possible to avoid leaving empty spaces around the decorative elements of the garden.

Therefore, for an impeccable result, any selvedges (external non-woven edges) and the carpet must be trimmed with a cutter, defining the ends, making sure to cut only the backing and not the yarn, which must be in perfect conditions.


Now let's see how to join and match the ends of our synthetic turf carpet well.


The installation of the synthetic turf

Join and fix the synthetic turf surface

At this point it is necessary to turn up the edges of the synthetic turf carpet near the junction between the rolls and position the special tape (called junction band) necessary for the gluing phase.

By unrolling the joining band along it with a spatula, the two-component glue (to be prepared on the spot) must be distributed evenly, taking care to keep the band steady (small nails can be used to help each other).

Finally, the adjacent edges of the synthetic grass carpets must be gently rejoined, making sure that they match perfectly and that no filaments of turf remain in the middle.

Attention: for a perfect installation of synthetic turf, the joints must be made so that the fibers are facing in the same direction!

Discover the laying phases of the synthetic turf

Video Tutorials

Soil preparation

First you need to prepare the surface that will host your new synthetic lawn

The installation of the synthetic turf

The second step consists in the actual unroll of the synthetic turf over the entire surface to be covered

The infill and brushing

Now that your synthetic lawn is installed and fixed to the ground, you are only a couple of steps to the end

Complete transformation!

Your new synthetic turf is ready to give you lots of relaxation and fun. So what are you waiting for?


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