Why choosing Italgreen Landscape
synthetic turf for gardens?

  • Thanks to the natural colors and materials, it is difficult to distinguish it from a real lawn at the touch and at the sight;
  • Fresh in summer and clean in winter, livable 365 days a year;
  • Synthetic turf for the gardens lasts for years: it resists to atmospheric agents;
  • Not slippery, non-toxic and anti-shock (absorbs falls);
  • Sturdy and natural, it resists to pets that bite it;
  • Saves your time: the synthetic turf does not need to be cut, watered and cared for;
  • Saves your money: no irrigation systems, no tools, no gardener.
erba sintetica per hotel
Who doesn't like to dine or have an happy hour outdoors on hot summer evenings?

Synthetic grass to create the outdoor area of your business

Today, with the decorative synthetic turf of Italgreen Landscape you can get the maximum from your outdoor area by giving it a touch of prestige that will be highly appreciated by customers.

Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf for outdoors, it’s easy to walk on even with high-heeled shoes, hard to get dirty and easy to clean, it goes perfectly with garden furniture and will create a garden area to envy.

Italgreen Landscape recommends 20mm high synthetic turf for this application, Fine Soft Touch for a more Mediterranean touch and Dreamy Natural Look for a more intense green. Riccio synthetic turf also fits very well to give a touch of green with a minimum of expense.

Furnishing the exteriors with synthetic turf

To create the perfect setting for romantic dinners or an outdoor aperitif, you can play with design elements such as lamps and outdoor chairs that find a perfect support surface in synthetic turf.

The turf can also be used by the pool and helps to create multifunctional areas in the exteriors of hotels, or it can cover internal vertical walls giving a great visual impact.

Unlike a real lawn that needs an irrigation system and to be cut every two weeks, the synthetic lawn does not require any maintenance.

Furthermore, Italgreen is the only synthetic turf manufacturer which carry out each production phase internally: this means being able to count on a 100% Made in Italy product guaranteed for years and on tailor-made solutions.

Synthetic turf: suggestive locations for events and fairs

When looking for the location for an event in a club, hotel or fair, it is important to achieve a strong visual impact by dealing with dates, budget and time.

It is possible to obtain a good result by transforming the spaces, according to your tastes and needs, using furniture and accessories.

The synthetic turf for events finds its perfect application to solve these situations. It is a ready-to-use synthetic turf carpet, easy to install, resistant and fireproof, safe and certified according to all applicable regulations.

A brilliant idea to create green spaces, flower beds dividing the stands, photographic sets or arrangements for particular settings, in line with the theme of the fair or the event itself.

The artificial turf has great result even just to improve the environments and make them aesthetically more pleasant and original.

The synthetic turf to furnish the exteriors of hotels, restaurants and bars

Hotels, bars and restaurants need a comfortable and pleasant environment to attract and retain customers. The atmosphere that reigns in these places has a very important weight in the final judgment of the customers.

Improving the outdoor area, the gardens or the terrace with a synthetic turf cover is an excellent choice. Green, which gives freshness and spring, always has a very positive impact and channels the sensations and the mind in a way of relaxation and ease. Exactly what you expect to experience during a vacation, a dinner or an evening in pleasant company.

If your hotel has a swimming pool, contextualizing it in a setting where the green acts as a frame like if it were a real garden, will allow you to create a small corner of paradise with a refinement and accuracy that cannot fail to make a good impression on guests.

The synthetic turf for swimming pools, like the synthetic turf for terraces, in great demand by panoramic bars and restaurants, can be walked on without any problem, is resistant to atmospheric agents and is indistinguishable from a natural grass.


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