Artificial Garden Turf Soft like Natural Grass

The latest generation synthetic turf for a surprising natural grass effect

From Italgreen Landscape research and Soft Touch Technology comes the latest generation Fine Soft Touch synthetic turf, the only type of artificial garden turf on the market capable of reproducing the softness and naturalness of a luxuriant natural lawn.
Technical Features

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(*)erba finta per giardini
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" DIAMOND " Shape

Maximum softness. A diamond shape to recreate the softness of natural grass.
(*)erba finta per terrazze


Available H: 60mm.

(*)erba finta morbida



(*)erba finta per parchi



(*)erba finta

Lime Green

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Olive Green

(*)finta erba verde

Dark Green

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Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf 365 days a year

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To recreate the same softness present in some varieties of natural grass, empirical-sensorial comparison techniques were used to create a lush and "disheveled" synthetic turf to give a unique tactile sensory experience. A superior softness to achieve an incredible final effect. Not even nature can do better.

The FINE artificial turf is composed of a two-tone curled texturized yarn to recreate the dry grass present at the bottom of a natural lawn and its softness when walking on. The monofilament, available in a height of 60 mm, is a very thin diamond shape.

These characteristics make Fine Soft Touch artificial turf the ideal choice for transforming your private garden into a prestigious green area, to be enjoyed all year round without worries: cutting, watering and wasting time for useless and expensive maintenance will be only a distant memory.

The artificial turf will have a lush and natural look that will allow you to fully enjoy it in your free time. Your children will enjoy playing and spending time on a very soft, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and anti-trauma turf, 100% safe and not slippery.

Fine Soft Touch artificial grass is also ideal for your pets, dogs and cats! The artificial decorative turf is resistant to any type of stress, impossible to tear, specially designed so that your synthetic garden is always in order and maintains a perfect color even when exposed to the corrosive action of atmospheric agents such as rain, sun and high temperatures.

Italgreen Landscape artificial turf can be used to improve numerous outdoor areas by creating elegant green areas within our cities and businesses.

(*)finta erba

L'erba finta avrà un aspetto rigoglioso e naturale che ti permetterà di goderne a pieno nel tuo tempo libero. I tuoi bambini si divertiranno a giocare e a passare del tempo su un manto erboso morbidissimo, atossico, anallergico e anti-trauma, sicuro al 100% e antiscivolo.

L’erba finta Fine Soft Touch è l’ideale anche per i tuoi animali domestici, cani e gatti! L'erba finta d’arredo è resistente ad ogni tipo di sollecitazione, impossibile da strappare, studiata appositamente in modo che il tuo giardino sintetico sia sempre in ordine e mantenga un colore perfetto anche se esposto all’azione corrosiva di agenti atmosferici come la pioggia, il sole e le elevate temperature.

L’erba finta Italgreen Landscape può essere utilizzata per valorizzare numerose aree esterne creando eleganti aree verdi anche all’intero delle nostre città e nelle attività commerciali.


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