A synthetic turf carpet to improve the outdoors

The secret for having evergreen and perfect lawns, which can please the eye and improve the surrounding environment, without forcing to continuous maintenance and without being subject to climate changes, is to choose a synthetic turf carpet.

The synthetic lawn is excellent for transforming unused spaces into green areas in many sectors and it’s aesthetically a very scenic and practical solution.

Synthetic grass to beautify public and private areas

The synthetic turf is an increasingly popular choice both in the public sphere, to solve problems related to the maintenance of urban green areas, and in the private sphere for all those who want a green garden all year round, safe for children and animals.

The installation of Italgreen Landscape artificial turf is made easier by its high quality, versatility and resistance, which makes it ideal for the most varied applications, from private gardens to terraces for your home, school, company or public areas.

The synthetic turf with the best value for money

The latest generation of synthetic lawns are designed to be a ductile, adaptable and easy to use product. In a few hours you can transform a concrete exterior or a tiled terrace into a green corner similar, in all respects, to a garden cared for by the best gardeners.

Alternatively, for those who love to try their hand at bricolage, do-it-yourself and hobby operations and have a bit of expertise in the field, synthetic turf installation kits are available, allowing to install their own synthetic lawn independently.

The advantages of synthetic turf

The advantages of choosing a synthetic turf carpet to improve your exteriors, your structures or the spaces dedicated to exhibition are many. First of all, the possibility of benefiting from a luxuriant and evergreen lawn regardless of the seasons, at an affordable price, which is much lower than what would have to be invested to care for a natural lawn every day.

Italgreen offers various types of synthetic turf, to which it is possible to combine the full service of installation of synthetic turf by authorized technicians.


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