Why choose synthetic turf
for the home garden

  • Thanks to the natural colors and materials, to the touch and sight it is difficult to distinguish it from a real lawn;
  • Fresh in summer and clean in winter, livable 365 days a year;
  • Lasts for years: it resists atmospheric agents;
  • Sturdy and natural, it resists pets that bite it;
  • It saves money and time.
erba sintetica per cani

Synthetic turf for dogs

Seeing your garden cared and clean and having a joyful dog play seem like two unmatching wishes.

It is evident that a dog, by its nature, by running and digging, causes continuous imperfections in the garden, so much that any effort to keep it in order is useless.

But the solution exists and it is also quite simple : in fact it is sufficient to create a very pleasant garden of synthetic turf.

It is easy to understand that a synthetic turf garden for dogs does not suffer from the same drawbacks and damage as a natural grass garden. This is because the material of which the artificial lawn is made is a plastic material, in particular it is polyethylene and polypropylene.

Advantages of the artificial turf garden

A fake lawn turns out to be more robust and resistant to tearing and biting, so the dog's problem of "holes" and "digging" is easily solved.

Furthermore, the synthetic lawn has the property of remaining silky and compact even when subjected to the continuous stresses given by the animal's frequent runs.

In a natural lawn this would cause the inexorable crushing of the grass and the subsequent loss of the same. Another feature of the artificial turf is the drainage capacity so that in case of rain and humidity there is no risk of having mud everywhere.

The surfaces of the synthetic lawn are resistant to stains and do not retain bad odors.

But is synthetic turf safe?

A question that often arises is the safety of synthetic turf for dogs, humans and the environment.

In this regard, it is important to underline the need to turn to companies that place on the market products of excellent quality and made with non-toxic materials. These products are absolutely harmless for both animals and humans and highly ecological.

The laying of excellent quality artificial turf guarantees the turf softness, so the dog will consider the synthetic lawn like the natural one, continuing to run and play without reserve. A very important consideration is that insects such as mosquitoes and sand flies do not take root in synthetic grass, parasites that are known to transmit even very serious diseases to dogs.

Cleaning the synthetic turf

Of course, the installation of synthetic turf for dogs does not protect you from any remaining of physiological needs from dog itself, but also in this case having a garden of synthetic turf has numerous advantages.

The collection of droppings from the lawn is certainly easier than in a natural garden, as is the neutralization of bad odors. In fact, a very simple jet of water is enough to clean the surface of artificial grass.

In case of rain, for example, the lawn can be cleaned without external intervention and this is a considerable facilitation compared to a traditional garden. For a more careful cleaning, you can use neutral soap and specific antibacterial products a couple of times a year.

The synthetic turf for terraces and balconies

Synthetic turf can also be used on terraces and balconies, obtaining the same advantages.

Deciding to put a synthetic turf lawn in your outdoor space is undoubtedly the best way to have a dream green area and the joy of a dog, even large or particularly lively, free and happy to play in clean spaces, and safe.

The foresight is to turn to professionals of the sector who, in addition to offer a wide choice, ensure the right length of the filament and have products made with non-toxic and latest generation materials. The excellent quality of the synthetic turf also guarantees its durability.


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