Natural Look

The perfect mix of colors and shapes to recreate the naturalness and growth phases of a natural lawn.

The synthetic turf born from
The flawless green you've always dreamed of


Soft Touch

Wire with diamond shape and 60mm height for this synthetic turf with a unique softness to the touch.

The synthetic turf born from
Not even the nature can do better

Aesthetics and quality

Transform your garden with synthetic turf

Italgreen has studied every type of natural grass found in nature to perfectly recreate it in its synthetic furnishing turf: find the most suitable for you!

The quality of the turf used is also very high from an aesthetic point of view: an Italgreen Landscape synthetic lawn does not look like an artificial grass lawn because it is practically indistinguishable from a natural grass lawn.

You can choose from various synthetic furnishing turfs such as the Fine Soft Touch model for exceptional softness and the Dreamy Natural Look for an artificial lawn that reproduces a real lawn in terms of shape and color.

It is known that children love to run in the garden and often a few falls can happen; the synthetic turf lawn is very safe, both due to the absence of stones and because it is non-slip and anti-shock, as it reduces the impact of the fall.

Installation of synthetic turf lawn

Italgreen Landscape provides for the laying of synthetic turf using professionals in the sector, using only the highest quality materials.

The synthetic turf of Italgreen Landscape is completely odorless and resists summer temperatures, does not pollute and does not contain toxic substances that are harmful to people and animals.

Duration of an Italgreen Landscape synthetic lawn

Often a criticism of artificial turf gardens is that they lose their dazzling green after a few years.

The material used by Italgreen Landscape maintains its original quality and color for years, resisting any temperature or weather condition.

Thanks to its sturdy fiber, an Italgreen Landscape lawn has the advantage of perfectly resisting even the bites of dogs and cats, remaining intact for a long time.


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