How to prepare the surface for installing the artificial turf

To proceed with the installation of the artificial turf, first of all, it is essential to consider that the success of the installation depends very much on the correct preparation of the soil.

The surface on which the artificial grass must be anchored must be made of a material that is not affected by the changes in temperature between summer and winter, otherwise there is the risk of having an artificial "mobile" lawn that shrinks on each side even for different centimeters.

First of all, it is essential to eliminate from the ground all disturbing elements and discontinuities that can cause irregularities.

Both in the case of a concrete surface and in the case of soil, to install a synthetic artificial turf it is necessary to clean the soil of grass, stones, roots, tree stumps, brushwood, lumps of concrete etc. If there are pits, they must be placed and leveled.

Finally, to avoid the re-growth of weeds, an anti-fouling non-woven fabric must be applied. Subsequently, the gravel must be spread until it reaches the desired level, leveled using a straight edge (usually a couple of centimeters below the walkway) and pressed by hand or with a compressor. The result to be obtained is a uniform surface, with a well-compacted and tilled soil.


Prepare the ground to install the artificial turf

Shape and unroll the artificial turf

The methods of laying the artificial turf vary according to the type of surface, so we will have a type of installation for the concrete substrate (or similar) and another for installing on ground, sand or gravel.

It is important to shape the synthetic grass roll as precisely as possible so as not to create empty spaces around the decorative elements of the garden such as flower beds, manholes, walls, fountains, gazebos, etc.

After completing the drainage works and having created the various layers of the substrate respecting the appropriate slopes, the artificial turf will be laid.

Only after having made sure that you have completely covered the surface and obtained a homogeneous effect by placing one strip of synthetic grass next to the other, can you move on to actual gluing and anchoring.

Discover the laying phases of the synthetic turf

Video Tutorials

Soil preparation

First you need to prepare the surface that will host your new synthetic lawn

The installation of the synthetic turf

The second step consists in the actual unroll of the synthetic turf over the entire surface to be covered

The infill and brushing

Now that your synthetic lawn is installed and fixed to the ground, you are only a couple of steps to the end

Complete transformation!

Your new synthetic turf is ready to give you lots of relaxation and fun. So what are you waiting for?


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