Discover the laying phases of the synthetic turf

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Soil preparation

First you need to prepare the surface that will host your new synthetic lawn

The installation of the synthetic turf

The second step consists in the actual unroll of the synthetic turf over the entire surface to be covered

The infill and brushing

Now that your synthetic lawn is installed and fixed to the ground, you are only a couple of steps to the end

Complete transformation!

Your new synthetic turf is ready to give you lots of relaxation and fun. So what are you waiting for?

The installation of the Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf

Transforming an unused area into a beautiful garden is now possible with Italgreen Landscape: we will help you choose the synthetic turf that best suits your needs and we will take care of installing your new synthetic lawn that will be perfect and always in order.

The artificial turf garden is a valid alternative to the traditional one, for those who want to have a green space, which requires little or no maintenance.

Italgreen Landscape offers to its customers a wide choice of synthetic turf: each Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf is designed and built exclusively with the highest quality materials that allow you to get an artificial turf lawn that is indistinguishable from a natural grass lawn.


Install the Italgreen Landscape synthetic grass in 4 simple step.

Synthetic turf for all tastes

Among the various proposals of artificial turf you can find : the Fine Soft Touch model, the synthetic turf of extraordinary softness with a luxuriant and disheveled mantle, or the Dreamy Natural Look synthetic turf model, with its mix of colors and different heights of filaments, to perfectly reproduce the growth phases of the real lawn.

Each type of Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf is odorless, resistant to summer temperatures and any weather conditions, long-lasting, non-polluting and free of toxic substances harmful to people and pets.

Thanks to its sturdy, technological and made in Italy fiber, an Italgreen Landscape synthetic lawn for the garden has the advantage of perfectly resisting even the bites of dogs and cats, remaining intact for a long time.

Artificial turf: installation tips

After having made the choice of the synthetic turf on the basis of the technical characteristics and personal taste, you can proceed with the installation of the synthetic turf.

It is important to remember that for the installation of an artificial lawn for outdoors, a garden with synthetic turf, a synthetic lawn for swimming pools, it is advisable to rely on a specialized company, whatever the choice of synthetic turf, to ensure an optimal final result.
Italgreen Landscape specializes in the design and installation of synthetic lawns: in fact, it offers a safe and reliable service by using professionals in the sector who can guarantee the installation of perfect and quality artificial turf for both private homes and commercial areas.

With Italgreen Landscape synthetic lawn, easy and quick to install, just a few steps are enough to guarantee you an evergreen garden! With the installation of the Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf you don't cut, you don't water and the time you save you can dedicate to enjoy your new outdoor space.


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