A house surrounded by a beautiful garden with a perfect lawn is the dream of many people and that can finally come true!

The natural grass garden

The green lawn as a splendid setting for special moments is a desire of many. Anyone who owns a garden with natural grass, however, knows how much dedication and perseverance are required for the maintenance of a natural lawn.

From seeding to irrigation, through cutting, covering during the coldest months and the renewal of areas burned by frost or sun: whatever will be the type of natural grass you have chosen for your garden, to keep its high aesthetic and functional performance you should devote time and continuous care to it, without neglecting maintenance prices.

The essential element in your garden? Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf!

Italgreen Landscape has designed a wide range of synthetic turf for the garden, perfect for furnishing outdoor areas and the total replacement of natural backgrounds. To give a green space even to those who do not have a garden available, our artificial grass is designed to be used also on terraces at a low cost.

The new generation of synthetic turf, in fact, is characterized by an extremely natural result both at the eyes and to the touch - thanks to the greater attention paid in the choice of textures which are pleasant to the touch and the colors of different shades of the artificial turf - but also from solutions reduced in price.

What is the price of synthetic turf?

The new technologies and materials chosen by Italgreen Landscape make it possible to perfectly combine the need for a quality synthetic turf which is beautiful to look, with an interesting quality / price ratio.

To have a clear idea of the prices of synthetic turf, it is necessary to consider all the various cost items: from the mere cost of the synthetic turf, to the prices of the materials necessary for correct installation and the costs of the installation.


Are you a reseller and are you interested in our price list?

We have been producers of synthetic turf, rigorously Made in Italy, since 1983 and we always produce cutting-edge products. We offer customized price lists and constant support for the activities. If you are an installer, a distributor or a design studio you can find more information on the page dedicated to resellers.

What result do you get with synthetic turf?

You will be able to design your always green artificial lawn with full control of all its features, choosing from many types of synthetic turf, different prices per square meter, different filaments for each type of synthetic turf based on the required heights and shades.

In short, each environment can be improved by the type of artificial turf that best suits it.

The prices of Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf for garden will be further amortized by the long life of the materials used, which allow the artificial turf to be preserved for years without the need for any maintenance.

Which other natural lawn would guarantee you as much as our synthetic turf?

The prices of Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf for gardens vary and depend on the type of artificial turf chosen and may also include the professional installation service of the synthetic turf, which is guarantee of durability and perfect installation.

For DIY lovers, however, kits for installing rolls of artificial turf are available, including everything you need to transform your garden ; it’s also possible to buy only the synthetic turf with customized roll cuts.

Unlike natural lawns, outdoor artificial turf guarantees a full and pleasant finish to the touch even on surfaces unsuitable for natural grass growth. It is also a product that is tear-resistant and completely non-toxic, even in less favorable weather conditions or in the presence of animals.

The advantages of synthetic turf

The prices of synthetic turf are therefore amortized by the absence of maintenance of the lawn in subsequent years, by the advantages of use and by the incredible visual impact of your new garden.

Especially in environments inhabited by children or animals, in fact, synthetic grass becomes a safe solution for health, respectful of the environment and easy to manage.

Garden maintenance costs will also be drastically cut from the point of view of waste of water resources: the synthetic turf does not require irrigation, thus becoming the ideal answer in those areas where a constant supply of water is not guaranteed.

If you have decided to transform your way of living the garden by choosing an artificial lawn, discover the prices of Italgreen Landscape synthetic turf to find the solution tailored for you.

Why buy Italgreen
Landscape synthetic turf

  • Thanks to the natural colors and materials, to the touch and sight it is difficult to distinguish it from a natural grass;
  • Fresh in summer and clean in winter, to be lived 365 days a year;
  • Lasts for years: it resists atmospheric agents;
  • Not slippery, non-toxic and anti-shock (absorbs falls);
  • Sturdy and natural, it resists pets that bite it;
  • Saves you time: the synthetic turf does not need to be cut, watered and cared for;
  • Synthetic turf reduces maintenance costs: no irrigation systems, no tools, no gardener.


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